NME 033 – Mixed Peel (1987)


Scroll down for links to the tracks …..


A1: The Undertones – “Here Comes The Summer”

A2: Wire – “I Am The Fly”

A3: Robert Wyatt – “I’m A Believer”

A4: Madness – “Bed & Breakfast Man”

A5: Gang of Four – “At Home He’s A Tourist”

A6: New Order – “5-8-6”

A7: The Slits – “Love And Romance”

A8: Billy Bragg – “Love Gets Dangerous”

Not found ….

A9: The Adverts – “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes”

Gary Gilmore’s Eyes starts at 3:18

B1: The Birthday Party – “Release The Bats”

B2: Culture – “Two Sevens Clash”

Two Sevens Clash starts at 3:40 ….

B3: The Ruts – “Sus”

B4: The Folk Devils – “Ink Runs Dry”

Not found ….

B5: T-Rex – “Ride A White Swan”

B6: The Fall – “Put Away”

B7: Mighty Wah! – “Basement Blues -The Story Of The Blues”

B8: The Electro Hippies – “Mega Armageddon Death/Chickens”

Last track on this EP!

B9: The Damned – “New Rose”

Starts at 3:45 on the video!

B10: That Petrol Emotion – “Can’t Stop”

Final track on this EP!

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