NME 029 – I Dreamt I Was Elvis (1987)


Scroll down for links to the tracks ….


A1: Elvis Presley – “Good Rockin’ Tonight (Live – Short Excerpt)”

A2: Billy Lee Riley – “Red Hot”

A3: Jack Earls – “Let’s Bop”

A4: Ray Harris – “Where’d You Stay Last Night?”

A5: Carl Perkins – “Put Your Cat Clothes On”

A6: Sonny Burgess – “We Wanna Boogie”

A7: Jerry Lee Lewis – “Hillbilly Music”

Not found ….

A8: Rudy Grayzell – “Judy”

A9: Hayden Thompson – “Love My Baby”

A10: Ray Smith – “Break Up”

A11: Glenn Honeycut – “All Night Rock”

B1: Hal Harris – “Jitterbop Baby”

B2: Pat Cupp – “That Girl Of Mine”

B3: Johnny Todd – “Pink Cadillac”

B4: Glenn Barber – “Atom Bomb”

B5: Benny Joy – “Spin The Bottle”

B6: Truitt Forse – “Chicken Bop”

B7: Dick Bush – “Hollywood Party”

B8: Rock Rogers – “That Ain’t It”

B9: Danny Reeves – “I’m A Hobo”

B10: Danny Boy – “Don’t Go Pretty Baby”

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