NME 022 – C86 (1986)


Scroll down for links to the tracks ……


A1: Primal Scream – “Velocity Girl”

A2: The Mighty Lemon Drops – “Happy Head”

A3: The Soup Dragons – “Pleasantly Surprised”

No link found ….

A4: The Wolfhounds – “Feeling So Strange Again”

A5: The Bodines – “Therese”

A6: Mighty Mighty – “Law”

A7: Stump – “Buffalo”

A8: Bogshed – “Run To The Temple”

A9: A Witness – “Sharpened Sticks”

A10: The Pastels –  “Breaking Lines”

A11: The Age of Chance – “From Now On This Will Be Your God”

B1: Shop Assistants – “It’s Up To You”

B2: Close Lobsters – “Firestation Towers”

B3: Miaow – “Sport Most Royal”

B4: Half Man Half Biscuit – “I Hate Nerys Hughes”

B5: The Servants – “Transparent”

B6: MacKenzies – “Big Jim (There’s No Pubs In Heaven)”

B7: Big Flame – “New Way (Quick Wash and Brush Up With Liberation Theology)”

No sign ….

B8: We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Going To Use It – “Console Me”

B9: McCarthy – “Celestial City”

B10: The Shrubs – “Bullfighter’s Bones”

Nope ….

B11: The Wedding Present – “This Boy Can Wait (A Bit Longer)”

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