NME 004 – Mighty Reel (1982)


Scroll down for links to the tracks …..

A1: Elvis Costello and the Attractions – “Town Cryer”

A2: Haircut 100 – “Calling Captain Autumn (Live)”

A3: Kid Creole and the Coconuts – “Loving You Made A Fool Out Of Me”

A4: Weekend – “A Day In The Life Of…”


A5: Elfas Zondi – “Umkumbane”

Drawn a blank!

A6: Brother “D” And Collective – “Dib-Be-Dib-Be-Dize (How You Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise)”

A7: Fashion – “White Stuff”

A8: Yello – “Sensation (No More Words)”

A9: The Honeymoon Killers – “Petit Matin”

A10: Billy MacKenzie and the British Electric Foundation – “The Secret Life Of Arabia”

A11: Mari Wilson – “Are You There With Another Girl”

B1: King Sunny Ade and the African Beats – “Kita Kita O Mo La”

B2: Ornette Coleman – “Sleep Talk”

B3: Robert Wyatt – “Round Midnight”

B4: The Ravishing Beauties – “Futility”

B5: The Three Courgettes – “Now Dance”

Not traced yet!

B6: Rockers Revenge – “Walking On Sunshine”

B7: Fun Boy Three – “The Alibi”

B8: Cabaret Voltaire – “Loosen The Clamp”

Can’t find!

B9 Liaisons Dangereuses – “Dancibar”

B10: UB40 – “Forget The Cost”

B11: Michael Smith – “Trainer”

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