NME 015 – Little Imp (1984)


Scroll down for links to the tracks ….

A1: Amos Milburn – “Chickenshack Boogie (No. 2)”

A2: Thurston Harris  – “Do What You Did”

A3: Jimmy Liggins – “I Ain’t Drunk”

A4: Shirley and Lee – “The Flirt”

A5: Billie Holiday “Detour Ahead”

A6: Lloyd Glen with Jack McVea – “Chica-Boo”

A7: Earl King – “Trick Bag”

A8: Louis Jordan – “Messy Bessy”

A9: The Showmen – “Country Fool”

A10: Fats Domino – “I’m Walkin'”

A11: Illinois Jacquet – “Blow Illinois Blow”

B1: Roy Brown – “Saturday Night”

B2: T-Bone Walker – “Say, Pretty Baby”

B3: Patti Anne – “Shtiggy Boom”

B4: Lynn Hope – “Miserlou”


B5: Amos Milburn – “One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer”

B6: Dave Bartholomew – “Who Drank My Beer While I Was in the Rear”

B7: The Five Keys – “Serve Another Round”

B8: Thurston Harris – “Purple Stew”

B9: Fatso and Flaire – “Rock’n’Roll Drive In”

B10 Fats Domino – “Let the Four Winds Blow”

B11: Charles Brown – “Merry Christmas Baby”

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